Security Escort Services

Security Escort Services


Security Escort Services

Soldiers Security Protection strives to provide outstanding security escort services to all those who need it. With crime rates increasing and the amount of theft, strong armed robberies, and mugging occurring, we pride ourselves to protect those with high dollar properties with the protection their need. Soldiers Security Protection's highly trained officers, we have developed our Security Escort Department (SED) to provide escort services. SED provides custom plans that will meet the clients needs. 


Escort Services

The Soldiers Security Protection Escort Services are a highly specialized service that provides individuals with high dollar items with armed protection while transporting your items and other precious jewelry. To provide the level of protection necessary for  individuals and the jewelry industry, Soldiers Security Protection developed a network of over 2,000 active and retired police officers and Military veterans to provide the escorts. The armed escorts’ main function is the safety of the personnel and their items and jewelry representatives. The main faction the armed escorts must protect against are criminals. Through vigilance and attention to detail, Soldiers Security Protection has performed serval escorts without incident.Our SSPHQ is an integral part of dispatching and tracking our escort officers, and supporting our clients with centralized communications, metrics, and issue resolution protocols. The same 24/7, one call, solution available with all our services. Also providing escort security services to contractors that need access to restricted areas to conduct contract services for government clients.

ATM Security Escort Services

Soldiers Security protection ATM Escort Services Division is a specialized service providing armed escorts for ATM repair technicians. The armed escorts provide a safe and secure working environment that allows the ATM repair technician to service the equipment and get the ATM machine back online. ATM repair technicians may request armed escorts at any time. These armed escorts are requested by the ATM repair technicians through Soldiers Security Protection Headquarters.The Soldiers Security Protection Headquarters then provides the ATM repair technician with an armed escort. All of our highly trained armed escorts carry a registered firearm and are licensed, are easily identifiable and have two way means of communication. Soldiers Security protection is currently performing escorts for ATM repair technicians throughout the state of Colorado during Events. Since inception in 2014 our ATM Division has crafted and fine tuned this segment of work into the most comprehensive and accomplished group of providers around. Over the course of a years the network has evolved to the point where we have become capable of seamlessly transitioning new clients in less than one month. We have never had a client invoke a customer satisfaction guarantee because of our consistently high success professionalism and highly trained officers.

We also provide a wide variety of additional services such as:

For banking clients, we provide escorts for your employee's doing cash replenishment, alarm response, and permanent or temporary security officer services.