Personal Executive Protection


From workplace violence issues relating to layoffs, terminations and disgruntled employees to dangerous or unstable environments for corporate travelers, Soldiers Security Protection Inc, has the solutions and the experience to provide reliable protection for CEOs, Board of Directors, Corporate leaders, Executive Personnel, VIP.

Executive protection should never be mistaken for body guarding. Our belief is that the best executive/personnel protection security is based on advance preparations and planning, timely information, liaison with local authorities, and the use of highly trained professionals.

Soldiers Security Protection Inc, provides a comprehensive Executive Protection Service that helps you create security strategies and plans to deter and reduce threats. Soldiers Security Protection Inc, will develop and implement an Executive Protection Program comprised of a number of specific services, which can include:

  • security surveys
  • advance team deployment
  • escort services
  • deployment of armed agents
  • equipment coordination
  • agency liaison