Parking Garage Management


Effective parking garage management is more than just maximizing revenue while minimizing your expenses. Every parking garage client wants to see revenue control, revenue reports, and online facility reports. We do this by utilizing the most current parking facility technology, and our Trained Parking Facilities Managers provide multiple levels of revenue control. This same technology can generate custom revenue reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to insure that your parking garage is profitable. Although the search for greater parking lot revenue control is often what initially brings new potential garage owners to our door-step, our complete array of parking management services is what turns prospects into satisfied, long-term clients.


On site staffing is an important part of an effective parking lot management solution. Whether your facility requires parking meter or slot enforcement, attended or self-serve check-out, or the administration of a monthly parking pass program, we provide the right mix of technology and friendly, professional, courteous staff members to make sure the job is done right. Extensive background screening, class room training, and daily supervision remove the HR burdens commonly associated with in-house parking lot management. Each parking facility  administered by Soldiers Security Protection. has local, on-site supervisory staffers who are Trained Parking Facilities Managers.


Our Trained Parking Facilities Managers are trained professionals with years of management experience. They have the skill and training to identify and remediate unsafe conditions, insuring the safety of your patrons and guests. Best of all, each parking garage and parking lot managed by Soldiers Security Protection is covered by the most comprehensive insurance policies in the industry, protecting your business from financial liability in the event of a loss and maintaining the up keep of the stripping of your lots.


Are you unsure if your parking facility is adequately utilized, or searching for ways to improve revenue streams from your parking facilities? At SOldiers Security Protection., we recognize that no two parking facilities are alike, and that each parking garage or parking lot requires custom solutions to maximize revenue. Our Trained Parking Facilities Managers offer consulting tailored to the specific needs of your garage. Whether you are looking to make better use of existing parking space, or a lot or garage expansion is under consideration, we have the parking management expertise needed provide greater revenue control, increased profitability, and improved safety.


If concerns over lost revenue, underperforming lots and garages, and personnel and staffing headaches are taking their toll, consider making the change to parking lot management services by Soldiers Security Protection. From self-serve and automated garages and lots, to 24-hour attended parking solutions, we have the staffing and the management expertise needed to make your parking facility successful. Ready to get started? Click here  to learn more about our parking garage and parking lot management services.