Marijuana Security Services

Marijuana Security Services

Marijuana Security Services 

 Soldiers Security Protection (SSP) is the premier security firm providing physical security solutions to the cannabis industry. SSP offers security solutions focusing on providing armed, unarmed, and undercover security for retail locations, grow operations, inventory and revenue transport, compliance oversight and workplace protection to the medical and recreational use cannabis industry in all current and future marijuana industry. SSP works close at hand with Marijuana Enforcement Division and within all mandated laws and regulations for the medical and recreational use of marijuana and other marijuana industries.


Marijuana Security Services

  • Marijuana Grow sites (indoor & outdoor)
  • Personnel & VIP Protection Services
  • Soldiers Security Protection’s Secure Tracking Transport Services
  • Marijuana Trim Room Security
  • Medical Marijuana Store Security
  • Recreational Marijuana Store Security
  • Camera Systems for Recreational Marijuana Stores, Dispensaries & Grow Sites




Marijuana Grow sites (indoor & outdoor)

One of the most dangerous and vulnerable locations are outdoor/indoor cultivation operations. Every cultivation operation is different from layout to process. SSP will conduct a thorough site assessment to determine any weak points in the perimeter of your operation, establish likely ingress and egress points, suitable vantage points for observation, patrol routes and security procedures for your site. Due to the inherent high threat environment and typically vast area that these operations entail, our security professionals are trained military/law enforcement snipers and designated marksman. We ensure all of our security professionals are up to date on their qualifications and abilities before deploying them to your site. Let our mature experienced security professionals give you peace of mind for all your cultivation operation needs. Soldiers security Protection can provide security officers to your grow site to protect your investment.


Personnel & VIP Protection Services

Every situation within the security realm is different. The cannabis industry is a unique environment do to federal regulations and banking institution laws. Humans are creatures of habit and unfortunately this is not always a great practice when it comes to a security mindset. So if we take this information and put it into perspective for the industry we can see some faults. Delivering money to the bank on the same day, using the same route, same vehicle, same person leads to a pattern that can be exploited through proper planning. Let SSP mitigate those risks for you with a close protection detail. We can help you vary your routine to mitigate those risks. As well as provide high end security to ensure your money and/or product reach their location safely and on time.


Soldiers Security Protection’s Secure Tracking Transport Services

Soldiers Security Protection is the first security firm in the cannabis industry to offer integrated Tracking transportation solutions for cash and marijuana. Our highly trained officers can provide immediately increase security for your grow site, retail store, dispensary by transporting your cash off-site to either our secure storage location or to your financial institution. Businesses that maintain large amounts of cash on-site, significantly increase the risk of burglaries or robberies. This increased risk puts employees and patrons at increased danger during a crime.  Our tracking transportation solution removes cash offsite and is transported in a highly secure unmarked vehicle by trained officers. Soldiers Security Protection can also assist in the transportation of marijuana product. All transports are performed by highly trained officers in an unmarked vehicle. This can relieve employees and owners from the potentially dangerous task of transporting valuable marijuana product from grow site to retail or dispensary location.


Marijuana Trim Room Security

Onsite  grow facilities provide a noticeable and unique target for individuals looking to exploit the cannabis industry. Do to the high visibility of these locations they are known targets. Without physical security at these locations they can be what we call a soft target for nefarious individuals. We will develop procedures for your staff and our security personnel that will enhance security and mitigate the threats to your site. We customize all your security needs through the clients input, our assessment and deliver a service that will exceed your security concerns and needs.


Medical Marijuana Store Security

Soldiers Security Protection is proud to provide marijuana companies security service to the leading Medical and Retail Marijuana industries in Colorado. Our members are trained to know and operate with compliance to all mandated laws. Soldiers Security Protection enforces compliance mandates in order to maintain a robust safe and regulatory structure. Soldiers Security Protection promotes transparency and clarity by utilizing a highly collaborative process through which it develops industry regulations and furthers our primary mission to ensure public safety.


Recreational Marijuana Store Security

Here at Soldiers Security Protection we strive to provide the safest, securest and most enjoyable environment for your customers and employees. We believe it’s not just about providing a safe and secure work environment, but to help facilitate the sales and experiences of the cannabis industry. Our veterans and law enforcement personnel not only undergo extension weapons training and behavioral analysis training, but are immersed into an in-depth customer service program. Our behavioral analysis training affords our security professionals to recognize an event before it happens and our weapons training gives our security professionals the capability to deal with any situation that may arise. The key to all of the training is culminating with our customer service training. Through it all we can help our clients business grow and create an inviting atmosphere to help foster future return customers/clients.


Camera Systems for Recreational Marijuana Stores, Dispensaries & Grow Sites

Soldiers Security Protection has partners that can install your CCTV, alarm and access control systems. These systems are required for all state mandated regulators and are necessary not only for the licensing process, but also can act as a passive deterrent to potential crimes. Every state has different requirements, and we can help navigate state regulations and make sure your system is not only compliant but also meets the highest standards for installation and quality.


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