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Soldier Security Protection Employement

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An event you are dispatched over the radio that the property your working received a complaint. During the call in you are told that they are drunk students partying very loud.
On scene you notice the party of students are drunk and very verbally abusive. They start calling you rent a cop, pig, and other choice words. How do you hand the situation?
While conducting an hourly patrol, you notice someone running through the property with a backpack. You follow from a distance to see where he/she goes to, and just saw him moving around the cars on the property checking doors. You now, witness him enter a car that you know is a residents. Explain what you would do.
After arriving to a dispatched call, the scene is becoming very violent and aggressive. Not only towards themselves, but towards you as well. Give a detailed explanation of how you would thoroughly handle the situation in a safe intelligent manner.