Conductive Electrical Weapon Training (CEW) Course 16 Hours


Our CEW Training course is an 16 hour course that includes the following areas of study. This course is to give the understanding of Less Then Lethal Force electrical weapon. The Trainee will have the understanding and knowledge on how a CEW works and the legal understanding behind it. Once course is completed the trainee will have become certified to carry a CEW. Our Training Certifications are Approved and accepted all over the State of Colorado and the United States

  • Moral and legal aspects of conductive energy device use;
  • Use of physical force and less lethal force;
  • State and local laws, codes and ordinances relating to deployment and tactical fundamentals involving conductive energy devices and the use of force;
  • Conductive energy device safety, nomenclature, operation and maintenance;
  • Emergency response procedures, to include medical needs; and
  • Demonstrate proper conductive energy device handling and firing fundamentals.
  • Smart Use Considerations
  • Tactical Considerations 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Firmware Updates
  • Downloads and Uploads

To attend this course just add the class to your cart.  Confirmation of class attendance will be emailed to you. 

Course and Class includes: 

  • Printed Certificate (Good for 1 Years)(Annual Cerrtification Required)
  • Online Training Portal for Exam
  • Training Cartridges
  • Live Cartridges
  • Training Materials 


Disclaimer: All training material is custom and have no familiarization, Partnership, and or Reference to any other company.