Armed | Unarmed Officers

Armed or Unarmed Security Officers

Armed or Unarmed Officers provide a presence in locations that are high crime or low crime.  Use of a officer at your location is a deterrent to criminals that are seeking to take advantage of property and people that appear to be vulnerable. Armed or unarmed officers can be uniformed officers to provide that level of deferances or plain clothed. Our plain clothed officers armed or unarmed can provide a wide range of deterance and security as they secertly gather intel for Law Enforcement agencies.

Soldiers Security Protection provides highly trained staff to protect you and your property without incident and with or without the use of firearms. Soldiers Security Protection officers are equipped with body worn cameras to help reduce criminal activities on your property.

The goal should be the prevention of the crime and gather crime analysis  rather than just reporting of it. Soldiers Security Protection's goal is to prevention and deterance of crime occurance on your property. With our goal of prevention and deterance officers are equipped with boy worn cameras to assist with that goal. Body worn cameras will help reduse fasle reporting and assist the client with the prosecution process. We also provide monthly crime analsis reports that will help the client in what crimes are occuring on the property. Crime analysis play a huge part in prevention as it helps provide real time information of crimes that occure on your property or community. Let us analyze the crime that occures and report it as a witness for Law Enforcement, Prevent and Deter crime from happening for you.

Our Armed and Unarmed Officers are seen in:

  • Medical facilities
  • Events where crowds will gather
  • Education facilities
  • Communities such as apartments, senior living facilities and private homes
  • Shopping Malls
  • Clubs and private parties
  • Business and commercial locations
  • Private Property

Officers, armed, unarmed, and or undercover are utilized by private citizens and business owners to not only protect their property, the safety of their patrons and family, but to curb employee theft. 

Contact us today to discuss how our officers can help you to prevent loss and provide a safe living and working environment.

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