We protect you with those who protect us

Soldiers Security Protection Inc, can provide a full range of security services at any level you require. We offer extensively trained, uniformed, undercover, armed and unarmed Public Safety Officers, along with uniformed patrol services and Personal Executive Protection. We are dedicated to providing a consistent level of service that will exceed your security requirements as well as exceeding your expectations. Serving Pueblo & surrounding communities of Colorado, Soldiers Security Protection Inc, is a Private Veteran, and family-owned company. We provide a quality service at an affordable rate. We have a strong desire to serve people who know us and our name remains synonymous with professionalism and integrity.

Our Commitment To You

Our greatest strengths lie in our commitment to our staff and client's excellence. We hold ourselves to higher standards: higher standards of accomplishment, higher standards of customer service, and higher standards from all our employees. 

We are totally committed to furnish the best service and value to our customers. This committed attitude applies to all individual customers as well as to the businesses that have chosen us to look after their interests.

As the Values and Core Values that keep the United States Armed Forces Strong, We at Soldiers Security Protection Inc, uses them to form our commitment and core values. As our saying goes "We Protect You With Those Who Protect Us" we have those most Elite Public Safety Officers (also Known as Security Officers), Who has served or currently serve our Nations Armed Forces. We have made a commiment to serve our nations heros and their families by enhancing their training to provide the most Elite Public Safety Officers anyone has seen.

What to Expect With Us

Soldiers Security Protection Inc, can provide two special Unit of the company known as SPECIAL EMERGENCY RAPID RESPONSE TEAM (S.E.R.R.T) AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (E.R.T). Emergency Response Team and SPECIAL EMERGENCY RAPID RESPONSE TEAM is devised of trained public safety officers with extensive knowledge of the security field as it applies to personal, public, and private property.

These officers are trained in various skills of field operation. In addition, the officers retain the skills that allow them to execute proper detainment procedures, as well as the ability and capability to act quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation such as  Terrorism Acts, Natural Disasters, and Medical conditions, break-ins, etc.

With the training officers receives you can feel safe and have a peace of mind that you are in the best of care with Soldiers Security Protection Inc.



Run, Hide, Fight

Homeland Security's Tips on Surviving Workplace Violence


Readyhoustontx.gov has produced this video to educate everyone on how to best handle an Active Shooter situation in the workplace or in public.  While we encourage you to watch this video and learn how best to react to such an event, we also warn you, this content, like it’s subject matter, is violent in nature.  We share this educational video with the goal of saving lives. 
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